GDPR Guidelines

In order to comply with GDPR guidelines, TISP event organizers are asked to collect consent from individuals prior to collecting their personal information. Once the consent has been provided and personal information has been collected, organizers should keep this information secure. To assist with this process, a system has been created to request an online registration site for TISP events. The online registration site will allow organizers to securely collect both consent and personal information for event participants.


Registration Site

To request an online registration site for your TISP Week event, click on the link below and complete the request form. After you submit the request form, you will receive a link to your event’s online registration site. You may share this link with the educators invited to attend your session. You will also receive a link to generate participant reports for your event. Please keep these reports secure, as they will contain personal contact information.
Questions – please contact Lynn Bowlby at



In case an online registration site may not work (internet connectivity, etc.), the registration information might be collected by another means. However, the volunteer collecting this information, should be sure to include the following and keep the personal contact information secure: