Guidelines for photographers

Ensure the photographer has a good camera and has experience capturing public events.

Where possible arrange a meeting with the photographer to talk through the brief and the requirements. Provide key deadlines that include the dates and times that the photographer will be required to shoot the workshop, key highlights in the event and the deadline for the images to be submitted or supplied.


A description of the types of images needed. This should include the following points:

– Capture scenes that are unique and relevant to the event;

– Capture a sense of place;

– Images are intended to entice the viewer to the event so they need to show the level of engagement in the event;

– Shoot a variety of viewpoints and scenarios. These should be shot in both portrait and landscape format for greater flexibility when used in print and online communications;

– Provide information to the participants on how the images will be used. Ideally the images will be used by IEEE, IEEE media and all promotional activity including online, print, editorial and advertising;

– The images need to have no restriction on their use (unencumbered) and for use in perpetuity (unlimited period of time);


Capture the mood, colour and atmosphere, make it exciting.


Images need to be provided at A3 at 300dpi or greater for greater flexibility of use. Images need to be supplied in

jpeg format with any relevant metadata attached to image.

For further information contact the IEEE TISP Week Coordination Committee at