Workshop Guidelines

For a proper TISP Week Workshop to be organized the following rules apply:

  1. A minimum of 30 school teachers have to participate
  2. The event will a minimum of one or a maximum of two days long.
  3. The event dates will fall within the TISP week dates. Of course, to accommodate local schedule of schools, some workshops can be held outside the TISP week dates. These workshops will still form part of the TISP week program
  4. A presentation of IEEE and IEEE Educational Activities has to be held
  5. The selected lesson plans have to be conducted by a trained TISP champion
  6. A member of the local organizing committee will participate in monthly TISP week organizing committee online calls.
  7. In TISP Week only TISP workshops can be included. Not TISP 2.0 nor any other variant. 
  8. Don’t forget to provide TISP Ecuator Survey Form to the teacher to fill. 


Click here for the complete TISP cookbook